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    TBWA. Chris Cottam

    Sofaworks - Neal

    TBWA. Chris Cottam

    TBWA were tasked with re-launching and re-branding the already established csl sofas, as sofaworks. In a brave new direction, when current market conventions revolve around pressure selling, misleading pricing and never-ending sales, sofaworks has committed to a more customer-friendly approach. To do this, TBWA approached Jellyfish to help create our customer champion, Neal. Through his laidback way of life Neal personifies the sofaworks experience, as he seeks out something that we all want a bit more of, comfort. This is probably a good time to mention, that Neal’s a sloth.
    He has bags of personality though and so far already we’ve worked on the Christmas campaign, Googlebox sponsorship and now the Easter campaign. Initially the great team at Jellyfish had to complete five ads in just 6 weeks from the initial creation and conception of Neal through to the supervision of the shoots, animation, rendering, lighting and compositing of our friend.


    Jellyfish Team

    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd

    VFX Producer – Cecilia Marin

    CG Supervisor – Dan Upton

    Animation lead – Chris Seed

    Compositing lead – Becky Clay

    Animation – Henry Affonso, Nick Georgeou

    Compositors – Charles Brelaud




    Director – Chris Cottam

    TBWA art directors – Ben Phillips and Gary Hume

    TBWA producer – Rose Bulow

    Peter Webber. Oxford Films.

    10 Billion

    Peter Webber. Oxford Films.

    Ten Billion is a film about us. It’s a film about you, your children, your parents, your friends. It’s about every one of us. It’s about our failure: failure as individuals, the failure of business, and the failure of our politicians. It is about an unprecedented planetary emergency. It’s about the future of us.
    The film is directed by Peter Webber (Girl with a Pearl Earing) and stars Stephen Emmott. VFX supervision by Chris Mortimer. VFX by Jellyfish Pictures. Currently in production (April 2014)

    Peter Strickland Rook Films, Film Four

    The Duke of Burgundy

    Peter Strickland Rook Films, Film Four

    Jellyfish Pictures are currently working on all the VFX for the new Peter Strickland (Berberian Sound Studio), Rook Films/Film Four film “The Duke of Burgundy”.

    Matthew Vaughn. Marv Productions / Twentieth Century Fox

    The Secret Service

    Matthew Vaughn. Marv Productions / Twentieth Century Fox

    Jellyfish Pictures are currently in production on the VFX for the new Matthew Vaughn film “The Secret Service”.

    World Productions, BBC. Jed Mercurio,
    Directed By Douglas Mackinnon

    Line of Duty

    World Productions, BBC. Jed Mercurio,
    Directed By Douglas Mackinnon

    We have just finished the VFX work on the new series of the highly acclaimed BBC drama “Line of Duty” written by Jed Mercurio, starring Keeley Hawes, Vicky McClure, Martin Compston and Adrian Dunbar. The six part series has just completed filming in Belfast and finished broadcasting in March 2014 to rave reviews. Jeremy Smith VFX supervised on location in Belfast and Luke Dodd is supervising the VFX shots back in London, with production taken care of by Carmen Perez-Marsa.


    Dr Who - Day of the Doctor. 50th anniversary


    Jellyfish Pictures were delighted to have been invited to work on the prestigious 50th anniversary stereoscopic 4K edition of Dr Who (Day of the Doctor). The episode has been nominated for a BAFTA (2014) for VFX.
    Jellyfish worked on the transformation shots for the Zygon, a testing series of shots for these iconic creatures and critical for the show.
    The episode broadcast in November 2013 to much acclaim.


    BAFTA award for special Visual Effects – nomination – 2014

    Jellyfish Team

    VFX Executive producer – Philip Dobree

    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd

    VFX Producer – Jessica Norton

    CG Supervisor – Dan Upton

    Modeller – Matthew Cooling

    Compositing – Rudi Holzapfel, Martin Furman


    Producer – Marcus Wilson

    Director – Nick Hurran

  • david-attenborough-s-natural-history-museum-alive
    Atlantic Productions / Sky

    Natural History Museum Alive 3D

    Atlantic Productions / Sky

    This project is written and presented by David Attenborough and produced by Colossus Productions.

    In this stunning new project Attenborough takes us on a journey through the world-famous Natural History Museum in London, revealing it as it’s never been seen before, in a compelling tale of discovery, adventure and magic. As the doors are locked and night falls, Attenborough meets the extinct creatures that fascinate him the most, as they magically come alive in front of his eyes; dinosaurs, ice age beasts and giant reptiles. This is a special collaboration of experts and curators from the Natural History Museum with 3D and ground-breaking CGI. Set within the spectacular Natural History Museum, this 90 minute film fulfils the dreams of the nation’s favourite naturalist.

    As Attenborough remarks, “obviously for anybody who works in natural history, this is one of the key places to come.” Since he was boy Attenborough has been fascinated by this museum and the treasures it holds, “Leicester, where I lived, was a hundred miles away from London so coming here was quite a journey. Each time was astonishing, just looking at cases full of butterflies. But obviously it didn’t take long for me to become fascinated by all the other creatures in the museum.”

    From the stories and myths surrounding their discovery and acquisition by the museum, to the somewhat fanciful Victorian interpretations, we gain a greater understanding of these amazing extinct creatures. Working with the world’s leading scientists from the Natural History Museum, David is able to analyse each specimen, piecing together the clues before finally revealing each creature as it has never been seen before – Where did it live? What did it eat? And most importantly what did it look like?

    Jellyfish Pictures were one of the main vendors tasked with bringing the creatures to life. Responsible for the giant Gigantophus snake, the Ichtyosaur and Dolphin. The final output was 4K stereo.


    BAFTA nomination for special visual effects 2014

    Jellyfish Team

    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd

    VFX Producer – Jessica Norton

    CG Supervisor – Dan Upton

    Modelling/Texturing – Matthew Cooling. Richie Xu

    Animaton – Chris Seed. Henry Affonso

    Compositing – Martin Furman. Becky Clay.

    Atlantic Productions

    Director – Dan Smith

    Producer -  Mike Davis

    VFX supervisor – James Prosser


    The Whale


    ‘The Whale’ is the real story that inspired Herman Melville’s classic novel, ‘Moby Dick’  and is one of history’s greatest stories of survival at sea.

    This is an action-packed narrative in which a cabin boy endures the worst that nature can throw at him, growing up fast in the process. His trials include whales, storms, ship wrecks and much more.

    Jellyfish are working on all the VFX for the film including shots of the Whale, set/ship and sea extension shots and many others.


    Jellyfish Team

    Creative Director – Phil Dobree
    VFX Producer – Jessica Norton
    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd


    Writer: Terry Cafolla

    Director: Alrick Riley

    Producer: Mike Dormer

    Film 4, Shine Films, Factory 15, BFI
    Kibwe Tavares


    Film 4, Shine Films, Factory 15, BFI
    Kibwe Tavares

    Jellyfish are very happy to have collaborated as associate producers with Kibwe Tavares, the award winning director of ‘Robots of Brixton’, on his new film, Jonah.

    Jonah, set in the Tanzanian fishing port of Zanzibar, is the story of a changing man in a changing town. Jonah’s discovery of the world’s biggest fish in the waters off the Zanzibar coast sparks off big changes for both the town and him. Zanzibar quickly abandons its traditional fishing trade and is transformed from a serene port into a glowing, tacky, tourist trap.  As an old man Jonah is ashamed of what his town has become and decides to hunt down the legendary fish and kill it.

    Jellyfish have brought all their 3D prowess to bear on the task of creating the film’s anti-hero: the world’s biggest fish. As the film’s director is known for creating unique and emotive animation, Jellyfish have pulled out all the stops to realise his vision of Jonah’s nemesis. The task required great design and modelling from Jellyfish’s modelling department and the highest quality 3D animation and rendering of the fish, which was then seamlessly integrated into the back plates, which were shot on location in the seas around Zanzibar.

    Watch the full film HERE.


    Jellyfish Team

    Creative Director – Phil Dobree
    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd
    VFX Producer
    – Carmen Perez-Marsa
    Digital Sculpt– Mathew Cooling
    Digital Paint Artists – Thom Jones
    Creature Rigging TD – Sam Howell
    Match Move Artist – Jeremy Smith
    Animation – Chris Seed, Jessica Ott
    CG Supervisor and Lighting TD
    – Dan Upton
    Lighting TD
    – David Cook, Ben Casey
    Digital Effects – Sam Howell, Dan Upton
    Compositing - Pedro Andrade, Alex Swann, Victor Segura, Giuliano Vigano, Tito Fernandes, Mike Bliss, Alexandre Geny

    Factory Fifteen

    Director – Kibwe Tavares
    Writer – Jack Thorne
    Producer – Ivana MacKinnon

    The Viral Factory
    James Rouse

    Samsung Ecobubble

    The Viral Factory
    James Rouse

    ‘Wash Cool’

    The Viral Factory were commissioned by Samsung to create an arresting on-line viral to promote their latest range of washing machines. The piece had a central concept that would present Jellyfish with a fiendishly difficult challenge: To shoot a real brown bear in Canada and then use CG to make it look as if the bear takes off his pelt, puts it in a washing machine and then proceeds to entertain himself while it washes by dancing, reading the paper and playing the guitar.

    Undeterred by the size of the challenge, Jellyfish undertook the character design of what our bear would look like once he has taken off his pelt (the final decision was a fuzzy, muppet-style body, with a charming pair of blue boxer shorts,) before heading off to supervise the shoot. Jeremy Smith, one of our on-set supervisors, arrived in the Canadian wilderness, to be met by meter deep snow and our star – ‘Barney’ a half-tonne Kodiak bear!

    Despite the inclement conditions, Barney gave a great performance and the Jellyfish crew returned to London with the plates. Our 3D department created a beautifully animated bear, both with and without his pelt and our 2D department had the fiendish task of stitching live action and 3D elements together in a way that looked completely seamless.

    Jellyfish is very proud of the results which went live on 14th January 2013


    Jellyfish Team

    VFX Creative Director – Philip Dobree
    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd
    VFX Producer – Jessica Norton
    Head of Production – Sophie Orde
    On Set Supervisor – Jeremy Smith
    Model and Z-Brush – Mathew Cooling
    Texture - Thom Jones
    Rigging - Sam Howell
    Animation – Chris Seed
    Lighting – Dave Cook
    Shaders – Dan Upton
    Lead Digital Compositor – Martin Furman
    Digital Compositor – Pedro Andrade, Mike Bliss, Alexandre Geny, Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Alex Swann
    Digital Compositor Intern – Michael Agoulas

    The Viral Factory

    Creative Director – Ed Robinson
    Director – James Rouse
    Producer – Jon Stopp

    Shynola, Warp Films, Film4


    Shynola, Warp Films, Film4

    Jellyfish are delighted to be collaborating with the award winning collective of  visual artists and directors, ‘Shynola’ on their new short film ‘Dr Easy’.
    Dr Easy is taken from the novel “The Red Men” by Matthew De Abaitua. It is the story of a medical emergency robot, designed to deal with highly sensitive and traumatic incidents. The incident in question involves  a white collar worker (Played by Tom Hollander,) who is down on his luck, holed up in a derelict flat, armed with a shot gun and surrounded by police. Dr Easy is sent in to try and negotiate with the desperate man.

    Jellyfish worked with Shynola at our offices in Margaret street, bringing the robot to life and completing the modelling, rigging, lighting, shading, compositing and finishing in Softimage and Nuke – this involved the robot and the fire and explosions etc. The animation was done by Shynola in Softimage with the help of our animation team. The responses to the work have been fantastic and hopes are high for the feature.


    Jellyfish Team

    Creative Director – Phil Dobree
    VFX Producer – Carmen Perez – Marsa
    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd
    Modelling Lead – Mathew Cooling
    Jr. Modeller – Zahra Al-Naib
    Texture and Paint artist - Thom Jones
    Rigging TD – Chris Seed
    Match Move Lead - Jeremy Smith
    Match Move Artist – Simone Ciliani
    CG and Lighting Lead – Dan Upton
    Lighter – Dan Willers
    Jr. Lighter – Florin Dragoi
    Fx Artist – Simone Ciliani
    Fx Artist – Tejus Dasandi
    Lead Compositor – Martin Furman
    Digital Compositor – Victor Segura
    Digital Compositor - Julia Caram
    Jr. Compositor – Charles Brelaud
    Jr. Compositor -Sabrina Rivolta

    Shynola, Warp Films

    Producer – Ally Gipps (Warp Films)
    Director – Shynola

    James Hawes

    The Challenger

    James Hawes

    ‘The Challenger’ is the story of how legendary American Scientist, Richard Feynman (Played by William Hurt) managed to uncover the true cause of the Challenger Shuttle disaster. The film aired on BBC on Monday 18th of March to great critical acclaim and included over 30 high-end visual effects shots produced by Jellyfish Pictures.

    The script required that Jellyfish produce many impressive set extensions, not least cavernous interior NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, inside which the Challenger shuttle was constructed. Jellyfish’s work gave the film’s environments a sense of scale, reality and drama that did justice to the ambitious visual style of the film.


    RTS nomination – Best Digital Effects 2013/14

    Jellyfish Team

    Creative Director - Phil Dobree
    Head of Production –
    Sophie Orde
    VFX Producer – Carmen Perez – Marsa
    VFX Supervisor – Luke Dodd
    Digital Matte Painter - Dave Freeman
    Digital Matte Painter – Victoria Hudson
    Digital Effects - Sam Howell
    Lead Digital Compositor - Martin Furman
    Digital Compositor - Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos
    Digital Compositor - Pedro Andrade
    Digital Compositor - Antonio Rodriguez
    Digital Compositor- Victor Segura

    BBC 2

    Director – James Hawes
    Producer – Laurie Borg